“When I first began working with Audrey, I felt lost. Her workshops have helped me to recover my creative and intuitive self. I am now creating a life that sings to me.” K.A., client

“I will use what I have learned this weekend to make needed and positive changes in my  life.” Karyn N.K, workshop participant

“My heart and soul feel so full and energized thanks to this transformational soul work…deep, fun, life-changing.” Michelle W., workshop participant

“Most of all I learned from you the greatest gift of a facilitator is to be real. I felt honored to witness your openness and love for SoulCollage® work. Your personality, care, and relaxed manner add a lot.  I am very glad I had training with you.” Lynn C., training participant

Audrey’s acceptance, neutrality, open-heartedness and mastery of the material was inspiring.  She created a safe container for deep work to happen. Thank You!,” Anne M. training participant.

“The workshop was a profound experience of connection, wonder, and joy.” Gail B., workshop participant

“I could not have done this without Audrey’s incredible skill and support.”, Maria B. workshop participant

“From this workshop, I am taking a reconnection to my soul and true self. Plus an incredible tool to continue to mine the depths of self discovery.” L.T., client