Audrey offers weekend retreats designed for those who would like to delve into the realm of personal and spiritual exploration through music and art making. You will have the opportunity to experience a musical soul journey (optional) and to spend time creating SoulCollage® cards. The weekend includes the option of individual sessions with Audrey to work more closely with your SoulCollage® cards.

If you have been working with SoulCollage® for some time and would like to deepen your work with this process, or if you are new to this work and would like time to practice and grow into the possibilities, this weekend will be an opportunity to learn more and to strengthen your practice.

If you are yearning for a weekend of reflection, creative inner work, and time spent in the company of kindred spirits, please consider giving your Self this gift.

Half day and day long workshops are also offered to groups who would like to experience transformational art making together.  Contact Audrey to inquire about this.


Upcoming Workshops

Special benefit workshop for  The Clearing Folk School in Ellison Bay, WI

on January 20, 2017 from 9-4.

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Take a break in the beautiful, peaceful prairie at Prairiewoods Spiritual Retreat Center in Hiawatha, Iowa in September, 2017

Finding Your Inner Compass with SoulCollage® Retreat:  

Fri, Sept. 8 – 6:30pm through Sun,
10 ,1:00pm
Explore your inner world through intuition, imagination and images!
Experience the magic of the intuitive collage process called SoulCollage® when you unlock the hidden and often powerful aspects of your Self that may be blocked from your consciousness. This weekend retreat at Prairiewoods (120 East Boyson Road in Hiawatha, Iowa) will begin with an introduction to the process. Then explore the realms of the four major aspects of Self that form the circle of the SoulCollage structure through guided imagery, collage making and journaling. You will leave with the beginnings of a personal guidance system made up of powerful cards that you have created, as well as a lifelong practice to sustain you as you continue to navigate your powerful inner circle.

The cost is $230 and includes sessions, art supplies, lodging and all meals. The commuter fee is $180 and includes art supplies, sessions, Saturday lunch and dinner, and Sunday lunch. A non-refundable deposit of $25 is required at registration. (Full payment is required to register online. If you prefer to pay the $25 registration fee now and the balance when you arrive, please call 319-395-6700.) If you want to stay in a Hermitage, you also will need to register by phone. If you have dietary restrictions that affect your health, please call or send an email to

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Facilitator Audrey Chowdhury is a board certified art therapist and SoulCollage Facilitator Trainer. She is the author of three CDs: Discovering the Power of the Suits in Your SoulCollage Deck, SoulCollage in Spiritual Settingsand Giving Voice to Your SoulCollage Cards through Sound and Music, published by Hanford Mead. She presents workshops and facilitator trainings in the Midwest and Canada.