Creating My Inner Hearth

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Hestia” says to me: ” I am one who has built a fire in your heart. I am here, waiting for you to come home where there is warmth, comfort, and nurturing foods. I love you just the way you are….nothing you can do will drive me away. I am here just for you. I have no judgement, no conditions, no expectations. I only wish that you would remember that I am here and ready to care for you.”

My next step in my process of creating a comfort zone within my self was to create an inner hearth. If you look at the word, hearth, you see that the root is “heart”. The heart is the place of warmth, comfort, nurturing and light. I began the process by looking through magazines for images of interior fireplaces that appealed to me. There were many to choose from, especially in decorating or remodeling magazines and books. I found that I prefer natural stone hearths. My “Hestia” SoulCollage(R) card was “consulted” in the process. I wanted to create a collage of a hearth that she would build, or inhabit.

Once I had chosen an image of a hearth, I chose images of furniture, rugs, pillows, accesories that make me feel comfortable. I cut and glued these images until I had created a room that invited me to sit back, relax, and feel “at home”. I imagined this room as being located in my heart area, inside my body. I felt the warmth of the fire, and nurturing comfort that radiated from my heart to the rest of me.  This collage will go into my scrapbook, which is called “My Home for My Soul”.


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