My Soul’s Cookbook

Posted by on May 15, 2015 in BLOG, Self-acceptance | One Comment

How many of us struggle with our relationship with food?  We are told that obesity is a major health issue in the USA.  Of course there are many reasons for this, but how can we address the emotional component of this love/hate relationship we have with food and our bodies? Food, love, mother, and nurturing weave together […]

The One Who Doesn’t Trust Me

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Even though I am loving creating this safe inner hearth for my Self, I sense that some parts of me are saying “Not so fast!” I feel the resistance in my neck.  It is stiff, knotted, and relentlessly reminding me that I am not so comfortable. Is there anger in there?  You bethca.  I think it […]

My Quest to Create a Home for my Soul on Earth

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Like many of you, I have spent most of my life at war with my body.  I didn’t like it.  It seemed to make me a target as a child: for teasing, for abuse, for criticism from “well meaning” adults and from myself.  I remember being 8 years old, sitting next to my mother in […]