New Life for Old Stuff: My Cuban Art Adventure

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I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to Cuba a few weeks ago with a tour sponsored by Wisconsin Public Radio,  hosted by Dr. Jonathan Overby and organized by Earthbound Expeditions. It was a trip back in time in many ways.   I was impressed by what we did not see: big […]

Spring Emergence: Your Creative Self Wants to be Seen

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The unconscious seems to delight in breaking through- and breaking up- exactly what we cling to most rigidly in our conscious thinking. (Rollo May in The Courage to Create, p. 59) The long winter is finally ending. I can hear the ice cracking on the lake. I hear the “woosh” of frozen chunks letting go, […]

Giving Form to Your Dreams for the New Year

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Happy New Year to you! Welcome to the “in between” time.  This is the perfect time to put on your “observer hat”, and  look back over the past year, or years.  What were your dreams at this time last year?  What were your dreams at this time a decade ago?  What are your dreams for […]

Beautiful Practice of the Sami People: Joiking, or Singing Your Essence

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There were very few dry eyes in the audience of around 500 people in Stockholm, Sweden, as Åsa Simma joiked her name on stage in front of the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers last month.  Åsa is a Sami elder who had explained to us that joiking (pronounced yoiking),is a way of singing […]

Gathering Around the Fire

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During my trip to Sweden and Germany with the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, I found myself drawn to the energy of the ceremonial fire which burned for four days in Sweden, and three days in Germany.  The fire was the place where we gathered at the beginning of each day and at […]

Adventures with The Thirteen Grandmothers

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 I have just returned from spending three weeks in Europe (Sweden and Germany) with the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.  I was blessed and honored to be asked to serve as a personal assistant to one of them, Grandmother Rita Long Visitor Holy Dancer.  It was an amazing experience to be part of […]

Feeding the Soul by Finding My Life’s Mission

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My adolescent soul was hungry for belonging and acceptance.  As I matured, I felt the longing for meaning and purpose becoming stronger…and with that came a deep dissatisfaction with what I saw around me.  The world that I experienced was in sad shape, and I believe it may be in worse shape now.  I became […]

Finding My Way with Food

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Food is the nemesis of many women and girls.  We crave it, we need it, we avoid it, we hate what it does to us, and we think about it much of the time. When we cook, grocery shop, eat, plan parties, worry about what our family members are eating…we are also drawing on our own […]

Rewriting the Script of Adolesence

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 Adolesence was hell for me. My body was out of control, and I felt so much shame of my “femaleness” that I wanted to hide. When I created the attached SoulCollage(R) card, I felt like I was getting to do my transition to womanhood over again….  This card has shown me that I can go back […]

Defending The Vulnerable Parts

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   I have often suspected that having a bigger body felt safe in some odd way. This is hard to understand from the point of view of one who wants to be accepted by others.  But when I speak from  the part of me who wants to keep others away, (see the SoulCollage(R) card  attached)  it makes sense […]