I am glad you are here!

You are a collection of gems and pearls, that are waiting to be seen and heard by the world.  Your hidden gifts of wisdom, talent, creativity, strength, courage, joy, confidence, and passion, are waiting for you to find them within. Maybe you think that you’ve lost the keys needed to access your treasures, or maybe you have opened the box but aren’t sure how to organize them or tap into their power.  You have the tools needed to do this work, but you may not know what they are, or how to use them.

The sacred tools of creativity, imagination and intuition are your most powerful allies in your search for inner treasure. They can guide you to the answers to your deepest questions, and give you access to lost joy, wonder, and power. You do not have to try this alone. I would love to be your guide and facilitator as you embark on your healing journey. Through creative processes such as SoulCollage®, art therapy, musical soul journeying, and sound and energy healing we can delve into the inner treasures that you hold.  You will learn ways to stay in alignment with your authentic Self, and find community with kindred souls. If you are ready to begin, or continue, the adventure of finding and strengthening the Real You, you have come to the right place! Your heart’s desire is for you to awaken to your true potential.

“Each of us has access codes to the many stations of our being. Our tendency is to forget to update them and to tune ourselves day after day to the same old programs…The world within, which contains these codes, has been called many things.  Saint Teresa of Avila termed it the Interior Castle. …Psychologists talk about the personal and collective unconscious.  In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy calls it “our own backyard”…Imagine how…useful it will be to learn ways to explore our interior geography while awake and conscious.” (written by Jean Houston in her book “Passion for the Possible”)