My path to becoming an art therapist and healer began with my own recovery from childhood trauma. This journey began some 30 years ago, when I was a young mother myself. I knew that I wanted more than anything, to be the mother that my children deserved, and I knew that I needed help. My quest began with the twelve steps of Al-Anon. The spiritual nature of this program awakened me to the possibility of something bigger than my personality Self. I then was fortunate to find some wonderful therapists and healers in my area. I found that my most profound and meaningful method of expression was with crayons and my non-dominant hand. Art materials were my most potent tools as I moved through the process of accessing the many feelings and parts of me that had been silent since my childhood. I decided that I wanted to become an art therapist, and several years later I was able to make this dream come true by earning my Master’s Degree in Art Therapy at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee WI.

I also continued to study and experience the power of metaphysical teachings, and transformational and soul-based psychology. My journey took me to Austin, TX where over a period of two years I studied with Jaquelyn Small of Eupsychia Institute and earned my certification in Integrative Breathwork and Soul-based Psychology in 2006. I find the process we call “Integrative Breathwork” (a form of holotropic breathwork) is a most powerful way to access the True Self. I have seen profound healing occur in this work that I like to call “Musical Soul Journeying followed by art making”.

I found SoulCollage® through the book written by Seena Frost in 2001, and immediately knew that this was the perfect process to integrate all that I was experiencing and learning. So, I went to Santa Cruz, CA and took the facilitator training in 2005 with Seena. I began teaching this powerful intuitive collage process in 2005, and have never stopped.

Audrey and Seena at the Labyrinth

Audrey and Seena at the 2011 SoulCollage(R) Facilitators Conference in Baltimore

I love sharing SoulCollage® with clients because it is truly an amazingly rich practice that can transform lives through the simple act of cutting, pasting, and sharing in community. In 2009 I was invited to embark upon the path of becoming a Trainer of facilitators for SoulCollage® LLC. I am now happy to say that I am a Trainer and thoroughly enjoy arranging and presenting trainings in the Midwest and beyond. I have also published a CD entitled “SoulCollage® in Spiritual Settings” which is available through Hanford Mead at:

I have served patients of psychiatric hospitals, participants in AODA and eating disorder recovery programs , patients and residents of long-term care facilities, and have worked with many adults like myself who know that there is something more that is yearning to express through us. I love watching the faces of workshop participants light up as they discover new pieces of their incredibly gifted Selves. It is my joy and my passion to serve as a muse and guide to those who would walk the path that I travel.